Some Essentials Points You Should hide in Your Relationship

Honesty is the best policy they say but no one talked about the values. We all want to be honest and righteous to the people we love but our justice is not always right if it hurts the other person. Certainly, being truthful in a bond is important but is it really important to be Honesty when we are aware of the values?

When we meet someone worthy, someone with whom we can share everything with, we choose to share all our mysteries and some of the secrets often contain memoirs from our past relationship that should never be collective with anyone at any cost. We all need to understand that being honest, being truthful is alright but then there are times when you don’t have to be honest like when you are in a new connection and there are things that your partner desires to know about your past partner past relationship, physical status and many more.

There are certain things that your lover must never know about your past relationship. If you don’t wish to lie, just dodge the question but do not spill the bean.

Here are Some things that you do not to tell your partner:

1. No longer just this question will make you feel bad about yourself but will also situated cracks in your modern relationship. Realize one thing, if a guy is asking this question; be very alert of his intentions. A genuine character has nothing to do along with your past; it’s your present and destiny that he should concentration on. So, now you know which you are not purported to let this form of questions effortlessly and you are not supposed to be your honest self when such questions get up.

2. Well, it’s pretty okay to overlook a person someone but not want them back. Sure, there may be a hundreds of times while you will miss a past lover but simply missing a person does not mean that you want them back in your life. There might be some of the lovable moments you spent with them but you just leave miss the time and moment but not exactly the person. So, your partner does not need to know which you are missing anyone other than him.

3. You must have had some destiny plans together with your beyond lover but your partner does not now need to recognize about it. Make new destiny plans and never say, “I desired to try this with him/her too. you need not to create an uncalled misunderstanding.


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