Some Awesome Android Tips & Tricks You Should Know

Android is an incredible small operating system. It’s absolutely packed with great features, awesome hacks, and time-saving tricks. Sure, you can make phone calls, send texts, social media, sending emails and even play games! In all seriousness, though, there are secret features that you can take full advantage of on your Android smartphone. Read on to find out!

Smart Lock For Locations

We as a whole know it’s a discomfort to write in a PIN or password, draw a pattern or utilize a thumbprint to open your phone every single time. All things considered, if it’s lost or stolen, we don’t need our data falling into the wrong hands.But you shouldn’t have to do this at home, right? Built into Android is a “Smart Lock” feature. Enabling it means when you’re at home or another location of your choice your phone won’t be locked

Go to Settings > Security > Smart Lock > Trusted places, and after that sort in the address where you would prefer not to be locked out of your phone. Then again, let your phone recognize current location on a map.

Plug in a mouse or keyboard on Android phone

Some Android applications and game essentially work better with a mouse (counting efficiency murdering technique and role-playing games), and you can to be sure module a USB mouse into your Android smartphone and it’ll work immediately. Yes, regardless of whether it’s small scale USB or USB Type-C, you’ll quickly observe the little cursor on your screen. You could also use a Bluetooth enabled mouse. Keyboards work, too, by the way.

On the flipside, you can run Android on your PC at home or at the workplace. Just introduce the free BlueS tacks emulator on your PC or Mac, and you can play Clash Royale as though it were on your telephone.

Offline Directions by Google Map

When you’re exploring new roads, odds are you dispatch Google Maps on your Android. In any case, utilizing this application eats up data – and in case you’re roaming in another city or country, you may get back home to a shock on your cell phone bill.

While it’s not broadly known, Google Maps now gives you download and utilize Google Maps on your smartphone, without spending any data.To do as such, when you’re in a free Wi-Fi hotspot, sort a destination into the saerch window and the application will pull up an overhead map. Presently tap the three lines in the upper left of the screen to open a few alternatives, one of which will be “Disconnected areas.” Tap this and select to download the guide to your smartphone, yet know it will take up some storage (Google Maps will tell you how much).

An Interesting Hidden Game

Tired at work? In line at the general store? Need to keep the children engaged? Android has a hidden video game.Go to Settings > System > About Phone (or Software info), and when you see the words “Android variant,” tap on it different circumstances and you’ll see a logo for Nougat or Marshmallow. Tap a couple times again and now press and hang on the screen. A mystery mini game will show up.
Tap the triangle to begin. Perceive to what extent you can keep the Android character alive by tapping the screen to bounce, and without hitting any hindrances. It’s not as simple as it looks!

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