70 years old woman maintain her figure with Sugar-Free Diet and still looking sexy!

Carolyn Hartz is from Perth, Australia and 70 years old. She is an executive in a company and has 3 children. Recently she shocked the world with her shockingly youthful looks. She told that it’s all do to a healthy lifestyle and sugar-free diet 30 years ago. But some jealous people said that her wrinkle-free face and bikini body are the results of cosmetic procedures.

Carolyn became popular in social media from 2-3 months because she looks much better than most women look at 50. She received invitations to appear on dozens of TV shows in countries like Brazil, Belgium, Ireland and Korea, credits her sugar-free diet and generally healthy lifestyle for her enviable appearance.

She was a sugar-addict lady. But 28 years ago she completely left sugar of her life. It was very difficult for her but she decided that it is the only one reason I have been able to keep myself healthy and keep my body shape.

I think 80% women think that it’s not possible to maintain body shape and weight when they reach 50 or beyond. Carolyn said “We know our metabolism slows down as we get older it just means we have to take control and make healthier choices and work a little harder,’ she said. I believe it is very important to be aware of the type of food you eat and the quantity of food you eat. Being mindful while you are eating is a huge factor.

After 28 years she still craves for sweets. She bakes her own sugar-free treats, with ingredients like almond milk and coconut, and indulges in a few pieces of dark chocolate every day.

But a sugar-free diet is not enough to keep yourself looking young. With the sugar-free diet, you should try to sleep at least 8 hours a night. She also tries to balance work and relaxation as best she can, working 4-day weeks, and doing the things she likes, like going to the movies with her husband, spending time with friends and family, and shopping at the farmers’ market.

She told that on a news channel – “I want to inspire people. I know how hard it is to quit sugar. I was a sugar addict. But if I can, so can anyone,”

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